Tenant Screening Risk Assessment

Tenant screening is natural, risk assessment and simple. In landlording, high-risk doesn’t equate to high reward. Just the opposite holds true. With high-risk tenants you may find yourself paying much more income, more energy, and more hours to possibly save the tenancy or conclude it at an earlier than-expected day. Why waste your methods over […]

Should You Consider Short Term Rentals?

Whenever a person is traveling to a new city or country for a short period of time, they will usually prefer to find a short termĀ rentalĀ unit. A visitor, tourist or guest may require an apartment while a family or group may require a house. This will depend on individual preferences which are many and varied. […]

Take Offers Before Open House?

It has been exactly the same story in most record I have had in Brighton and Brookline lately. Place the residence on the market, and one of the first issues from brokers: “What’s the supply routine?” The marketplace is really small here, multiple offers are the norm, as opposed to the exception. And many listing […]

The Best Way of Selling A Luxury Real Estate Property

Selling a luxury real estate property is a big challenge among real estate agents. Considering that these properties are very high priced, their market can be very scarce and you have to find the right people who can afford buying such a luxurious estate. However, it should not be difficult selling them with these tips […]